Our Services

Consulting Contracts

The office of lawyer AHMED ALHARTHI is skilled in preparing and providing the right legal advice for both local and international companies. The office also administers support for business owners who sign contracts with us by giving them the right legal information needed for their businesses and contracts. Through this process, we receive the best results and avoid any legal challenges.

Drafting Contracts and Agreements

We believe that drafting a perfect and a well-written contract is one of the most important tools to avoid future legal issues. Through us, you will be guaranteed that your contracts are drafted in a clear and in a professional way for both sides to avoid any misunderstanding. As known, each contract or agreement has its own terms depending on the subject and it must be supported by choosing the right laws and policies.

Lageal and Judicial Services

  1. We Provide both written and verbal legal consultations.
  2. Representing individuals in front of all courts, authorities, and administrative committees.
  3. Preparing the legal work for all courts along with the court of appeals and the Supreme Court.
  4. Implementing judicial decisions issued by courts in the kingdom of Saudi Arabia along with foreign judgments.
  5. Collecting debts caused by commercial papers such as, checks and drafts
  6. Preparation of dividing and distributing estate based on Sharia law.

Representing Our Clients in Courts

Our office provides all legal services for representation, including but not limited to: studying the facts of each individual case and preparing all paper work needed along with representing our clients in front of Supreme Court, General Courts, Commercial courts, Criminal Courts, Labor Courts, Execution Courts, Court of Appeals, Administrative Courts, Administrative Court of Appeals, and the Supreme Administrative Court.

Companies Establishment

Establishing Companies is built on agreements and commitments, which then will be translated into a contract for both sides. A contract that can lead both to achieve the best work and to become an important part of the economy. At the office of lawyer AHMED ALHARTHI, we are capable of achieving these goals.

Services Regarding Contracts, Agreements and Companies

  1. Formulation and preparation contracts and agreements in all kinds using both Arabic and English languages.
  2. Preparation of contracts for all establishing companies along with registration.
  3. Preparing the internal work regulations for companies.
  4. Registering names and trademarks.
  5. Preparation of commercial contracts, distribution contracts, and franchise contracts
  6. Providing proposals and legal recommendations for the company’s board of directors.


Fast authentication for contracts and other legal papers is one of the most helpful solutions for clients because it saves an immense amount of time. Our office provides these fast authentication services for both people and companies. Clients can either come to the office for this service or schedule an appointment to meet with us anywhere they like.


Trademarks are found to differentiate a product or a service of one company from others. Because trademarks are protected by the intellectual property laws, we do all the work needed to make sure it is legally registered at the right authorities.

Authentication Services

  1. Documenting authorization.
  2. Terminating authorization.
  3. Documenting company’s contracts.
  4. Real estate vacancy.
  5. Financial declaration.
  6. Mortgages.
  7. Mortgage release.
  8. Mortgage correction .